Step 1 - Submit your files

When your creative design is finished and ready, simply click on "Start" and fill out the short order form. The order form gathers information needed for us to understand your project correctly. It also allows you to outline any special options you require for us to include. After you have filled out the short form, select the appropriate CSS and XHTML options, you will be provided with a live quote that gives you a clear idea on the size of your order. On submission we will send you an invoice to the address you have provided us with and that is it.

Step 2 - We hand-code your design

At this stage, a designer will be assigned to your project, payment will be verified and the coding process starts. We take every precaution not to damage or lose your original artwork. We create backups of it and work with a copy of the original when we hand code your markup.

Now we start to slice your design into different areas. Each image files are marked and named individually, css files are created and XHTML is hand coded. Depending on your choice, we either code the markup in W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional code.

Before we start converting your design into code we usually require a 50% upfront. Once this has been paid we will begin slicing your template and it will be ready within 3 days from that moment onwards. This time does not include revisions; We always recommend you consider this stage as the last one in the design process.

Step 3 - We test it

As experts in cross-browser compatibility, we will make sure your template works on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 6&7
  • Safari
  • Opera

Moreover, we will also make sure that your document validates using the W3C XHTML and CSS validator in order to make your website standard complaint.

Step 4 - Delivery

We pack all the necessary files into a compressed file (such as .ZIP or .RAR), upload to a safe area on our servers secured by a username and password, notify you of your login information by e-mail and the URL where the file is available for you to review. Once the remaining balance of your invoice is settled we'll email the files over to you.

We do offer continuing technical support in case you need it- getting your website uploaded to your hosting provider or if you have any alignment issues. If you require assistance or any amendments to your layout after 15 days we can do it for a small incremental fee.

Do the right thing

"What if I have a site with multiple pages?"

We can code as many additional pages as you need. Additional pages bring down your costs. Infact, you can look at your cost coming down as you add more pages in the order form. Of course, once we establish a relationship we can always offer special prices for you.

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